We specialize in metal surface treatment. We provide the following surface finishes: nickel, tin and copper. We further specialize in blackening and tumbling. Since 2017, we have started the operation of the automatic line KTL with the pre-treatment of zinc phosphate. The cataphoretic coating method is one of the most advanced technologies for surface treatment of metal products


The history of our company dates back to 2004, we have been on the market for 15 years. The company was founded in 2004 by Jakub Duchoň. Until 2018 Mr. Duchoň operated the business like a private entrepreneur. In 2018 he put his business into a private limited company.

  • 2004 - foundation of the company in Hradiště by Mr. Jakub Duchoň
  • 2006 - gradual expansion of surface treatments by nickel, tin and copper finishes
  • 2012 - Moving production to the existing STS Zlivice site and increasing existing capacity
  • 2013 - Automatic line for nickeling and tinning
  • 2014 - a new automatic treatment plant for wastewater treatment after plating
  • 2017 - KTL automatic line with zinc phosphate pretreatment is put into operation
  • 2018 - transformation and establishment of GD Galvanovna Duchoň s.r.o.